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"Hiking in the Jungle" is our walking tour. Like our mountain bike trail this tour takes place in the nature reserve outside Pattaya. The peace you will find here, the wonderful nature and the challenging paths we follow ensure a successful day after the effort required.
(join-in price 1350 baht pp)

"Colors of Pattaya Special Edition" is a gentle bicycle ride of around 20-25 km that will take about 5-6 hours and includes a visit to the Sanctuary of Truth. We follow the coastal line along Wong-Amat and Palm-Beach where we will visit a school for blind children. After that we will already stop for your visit to the Sanctuary of Truth.
(join-in price 1750 baht pp)

Sportive cycling trip
Lake Map Prachan, East Pattaya

Hike tour
in the jungle of Pattaya

Cycle tour Na Jomtien
Including visit Viharna Sien temple

"Colors of Pattaya – Around the Lake" is our full day more sportive tour. It follows almost the same trail as our Colors of Pattaya tour, but after this we will go further inlands to and around the beautiful lake Map Prachan. The total distance is 40-50 km (around 6-7 hours), including some climbing and off road cycling.
(join-in price 2500 baht pp)

The "Mountain bike Trail" is especially designed for the adventurous, sporty visitors to Pattaya who love the real mountain biking and also have experience with it. We drive you and the bikes by car to a nature reserve just outside Pattaya where there are several trails that we can discover on the mountain bike. In the middle of the jungle you will be challenged to complete the laps through this rugged terrain.
(join-in price 1900 baht pp)

Mountain biking 
in the jungle of Pattaya

"Colors of the South" takes you through the beautiful area southeast of Jomtien, the Silver Lake area around Na Jomtien and Ban Amphur. In the background you can see the mountains while we cycle on easily accessible and quiet roads through the beautiful countryside and through the rice fields. We stop at a unique Chinese temple that also functions as a museum and is still undiscovered by many tourists and we visit a little local broom factory.


Colors of Pattaya
Sightseeing bicycle tour

"Colors of Pattaya" is a gentle 3-4 hour bicycle ride of around 20-25 km. We follow the coastal line along Wong-Amat and Palm-Beach where we will visit a school for blind children. We stop at the local fishing pier and walk across the fish market. We cycle along the unknown ‘klongs’ (canals) through the China Town of Pattaya.
(join-in price 1100 baht pp)

Back To The Past long-tail boat tour

"Colors of Pattaya Bike and Box" is a nice combination of a relaxed bicycle ride together with the experience of having a private lesson Muay Thai at one of the most famous Muay Thai schools of Pattaya. If you like cycling and Muay Thai, you will definitely enjoy this ride.
(join-in price 2000 baht pp)

Yearning for a day of escape from the bustling city streets of Pattaya? Hop on our minibus and after just a one hour drive you will find yourself in paradise! We present to you our amazing Back To The Past long-tail boat day tour that will bring you back in time and will show you the original Thailand. A truly unique holiday-experience!

Bike tour Pattaya
Including Muay Thai training

Bike tour Pattaya
Including visit Sanctuary of Truth

Our bicycle tours lead you through the northern and eastern part of Pattaya. We will take you to places not yet discovered by tourists and show you the other side of Pattaya. All these trips start from our office at Ryan’s Bar Irish Pub, located on Naklua road, on a daily basis, depending on availability, with a minimum of 2 persons (surcharges apply for a single person excursion).

Additionally, we have a bike tour starting in the southern Na Jomtien that takes you through the beautiful Silver Lake area and we offer a mountain bike tour and a walking tour (hike tour) in a nature reserve located about 20 km from the center of Pattaya. There are a number of trails there that run through the Thai jungle. These tours are all including pickup and have a minimum of 3 or 4 people to start (see details in the specific tours).